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Teamwork is the starting point
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Rugby2030 is a discussion platform to support the growth of the Rugby System in Italy .

It is a virtual place, open to everyone's participation. The goal is to exchange views on the main themes of Italian rugby in order to develop a shared program for the next decade .

We believe that only through an extensive comparison and exchange of opinions, it is possible to collect ideas, experiences, models, solutions to be included in an organic and integrated development plan. Not election spots but concrete ideas that become a sustainable development project, first of all, but also ambitious and visionary , in the final analysis.

You are welcome to join our team . Each idea will be brought into our " Round Table " and included in a development program.

The first themes of reasoning
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The rugby clubs:
where it all begins
  • Club's facilities

  • Players training

  • Coaches training

  • Executives training

  • Economic resources

  • Support for recruitment

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The Rugby Federation:
the tool at the service of growth
  • Youth Championships

  • Senior Championships

  • Referees training

  • Increase in the number of players

  • Commercial value growth

  • Organizational development

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The Pro level:
the tip of the iceberg
  • The path of the Pro level

  • Academies and permanent training centers

  • The franchises

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  • The youth's national teams

  • The 7's national teams

  • The Senior Women national team

  • The Senior Men national team

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